Editorial Fashion Photo Shoot Kaiserslautern - Aria Tonini

sarah-havens-photography-2019-04-aria-tonini (8).jpg

Driving by this small street (Hackstraße) in Kaiserslautern with beautiful houses from the late 18th century, I knew I had to come back and have a photo session here - and there is never a better time than spring time with blossoming flowers! The majestic buildings with lots of sandstone details and wrought iron fences are everything a fashion photographer could dream of, therefore I decided that a model with a long dress would be a nice contrast to the location. Aria brought this gorgeous red dress which gives the photos just the right amount of pop. But see yourself, the result is a fashion series which could see this dress to any woman! Absolutely stunning! Thank you aria for twirling in the streets of K-Town for me ;-)