Most soon-to-be mothers I speak to are either absolutely thrilled about their maternity pictures or they're a little apprehensive about the idea. On one hand, this is a monumental moment! You're with a  child, you're radiant, you're excited and your life is seriously about to change. On the other, you're a little uncomfortable with your changing body and the thought of standing in front of a camera might freak you out.

I'm here to tell you that there's nothing to be nervous about. Your maternity pictures are photographs that you will cherish forever. They're pictures that your family will absolutely adore. Images that your child and your child's child will look at in the future and think, "Wow!"

sarah-havens-photography-maternity-chiles-metz-april-2017-web-sized (19).jpg

In other words: don't let any insecurities you may have about your body get in the way of your photographs, that'll be admired for a lifetime. My goal is to make sure you look and feel absolutely gorgeous from beginning to end.

My maternity sessions include several outfit changes and can be held either indoor or outdoor. If you wish, I will even come to your home and we can have the session there. We can also make sure that we sneak in a few pictures with your partner as well, since this is such a special time for them too.