Destination Sessions 2019 - KMC Photographer


Adventure awaits…

Living in Germany most definitely comes with so many advantages for travel lovers. Settled in the heart of Europe, just a 2 hour train ride from the KMC area and you can stroll along the Champs Elysee in Paris - or a short drive South and you can hike the majestic Alps! It’s overwhelming just how many countries, cultures and divers natural beauty seems to be at the tip of our fingers.


Are you a travel junkie?

Do you love exploring new countries? So do I! And of course, we all try to capture as much of our adventures as possible - mostly on our phones, right?!


How many times did I come home from an amazing trip, weeks later finally going through my phone pictures - and ending up somewhat disappointed because the quick snap shots on the phone never seem to do justice. And guess what - I’m never in the photos, because I’m the one taking them (and because I’m the worst selfie-person in history, haha!)!

Lake Garda.jpg

How cool would it be…

…to have actually beautiful photos taken of yourself and your significant other - or who ever you’re out and about traveling with, maybe your family or your bestie - right there, at the gorgeous location you decided to visit?


I love the thought of offering destination sessions - and since 2019 I’ll be celebrating 5 years in business, my goal will be to offer 5 destinations throughout the year! But here comes the best part: YOU can decide where we’re going!! Besides 2 pre-determined locations, the other 3 will be chosen by vote, how exciting is this?



…taking family photos in a place others can only dream of to even ever visit!

High School Senior photos at a super cool destination? It doesn’t get better than that! How fun does that sound?!


Planning something special?

Are you planning to maybe propose to the love of your life? Envision this in the city of love or on a romantic gondola ride in Venice!


Or how about….

A one-of-a-kind maternity photo session in the tulip fields in Netherlands? Or maybe a just-because-you’re-awesome beauty session in the Mediterranean?


So tell me….

where you’re planning your vacation this year? Where would you like to have a photo session of a life time?


Let’s explore these beautiful places together and capture precious memories for you in one-of-a-kind photographs in your dream location! I can’t wait to go on these adventures with you!