Table Art

Our customized table art offers you the option to display your beautiful images in a unique way. If you don't have the option to display your photos on a wall, this is a great alternative. You can choose between the exclusive slate plate or an elegant table stand. Both options come with a stand and will be an eye catcher on any coffee table or book shelf!

A slate plate makes for a truly unique piece of art. The natural structured surface and the rough edges on a 10mm thick slate plate give your image a rustic and robust look. Every slate plate comes with a stand.

Our table stand is a modern alternative to a traditional frame to put on your desk. Your photograph is mounted on a thick surface and coated with a think layer of acrylic glass. With a stand it comes ready to set up and will definitely stand out next to a traditional frame.


20 x 30 cm   ( 8 x 12” )    90 €
20 x 20 cm   ( 8 x 8” )     80 €
15 x 20 cm   ( 6 x 8” )     60 €

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