👩🌺💕 International Women’s Day 💗💄💋

Mothers, sisters, girlfriends, daughters – what would we do without them? Today is all about celebrating women and showing how much we love, respect and value them. There are many ways of celebrating this day but to me it comes down to celebrate yourself – just for being the beautiful women you are. Every day women all over the world manage to multitask 24/7. In our modern world, millions of mothers are raising children, working a job (while still getting paid less than their male counterpart for that exact same job!) and on the side taking care of the household and making sure the family’s schedule is on point. You could say that the mother often is the engine that keeps the family running. Time to stop for a minute and appreciate their hard work. Often, we still live in a “Man’s World”, but today it’s all about you as a woman. Besides the ridiculous image of how a “perfect” woman should look like (according to the media), or the circumstances women in other parts of the world have to deal with every single day. You deserve to be loved and respected just the way you are. Because you’re awesome. Celebrate yourself and your beauty and let nobody tell you that you’re not worth it. Photographing women has showed me that as a result of our environment many women are dealing with insecurities on a daily basis. We’re shown by the media every day that we have to look a certain way to be considered “beautiful”. How many times did I see moms hiding behind their children in their picture or was I asked to tweak this or that in Photoshop to make them “look pretty”? Too often. But every once in a while, I get to photograph women that celebrate themselves with a portrait or boudoir photo session. They get their hair and make-up done, they look and feel beautiful and it translates in the photographs. They are reminded of that beautiful women that they are. 50 years from now, those images will be of incomparable value to their children and generations to come. Stop hiding behind the camera and give your children the memory of the beautiful women that they love so much! You as a woman are beautiful. You’re appreciated. You're awesome. You’re loved.