My First Time - Writing a Blog Post.

There is a first time for everything. And this is me writing this very first blog post. I've decided to use this platform to share more. More stories of my amazing clients, more behind the scenes and other stories about my photography business here in Kaiserslautern, Germany - maybe even a little bit more about myself :)  However this…is the first! Now of course you want to see some images here, right?! So as a little introduction, I show you a few of my most favorites images I have taken so far. Portraits are definitely my favorite photos to take. No matter if individual, family or children portraits. Also boudoir and couple shoots are sessions I enjoy a lot. The most fun ones are sessions when we get to be creative! But see for yourself, It will give you a great sense of what my photography is all about and what I love to do. I'm looking forward to continue this blog and sharing some more insight of my business and my passion with you. Enjoy!